“Talking to a Filomena reconfirmed the kind of diet I should be following to suit me and to try and eliminate any issues I have through what I eat or shouldn’t be eating. Sometimes it just takes talking through your history and current lifestyle with a specialist to get the right advice so you can make those adjustments in the correct way.  Filomena was welcoming friendly, asked the right questions, listened, advised accordingly and wasn’t pushy in any way.  She was also very open to answering any questions after the visit.”


“Filomena was absolutely brilliant to work with. So supportive all the way through my treatment. Her knowledge all the way through really did help me. Once the results were through the plan was clear and worked. A year later I am still symptom free. I can personally highly recommend Filomena!”

Roulla L 

‘Filomena was very knowledgeable and helpful when I approached her about my psoriasis that I have suffered with for many years. After a consultation in which we discussed how much stress can affect our physical health, she sent a diet plan and some vitamin recommendations, plus a herbal gut remedy, and my psoriasis is much better than it’s ever been. I have already recommended Filomena to friends and would highly recommend her to others!’

Harry P

I just wanted to say thank you Filomena for your advice two weeks ago. My son has been fine over the last 4 training sessions, slowly increasing his physical effort with no repeat of his lethargy turning to dizziness.

I visited Filomena after having problems for many years with Diverticulitis and IBS and not getting anywhere with Doctors/Specialists.
Following functional tests and taking nutritional/herbal supplements recommended by Filomena my diet my symptoms have eased and I am feeling better.
Gill H

I found Filomena when I was struggling with an endometriosis flare up and booked a Diet MOT with her. Our appointment was easily booked and Filomena took the time to understand my concerns and goals. She also took into account my lifestyle i.e. the time I had, how much I like to cook & where I shopped. Then she provided me with recipes and snacks I could use throughout the week. I found the service really helpful and would recommend as Filomena is knowledgeable and professional

I went to see Filomena in order to get control of some digestion problems that I had been having for a number of years following cancer treatment. She was very easy to talk to and understanding and the service she provides is really comprehensive. She made adjustments to my diet and suggested supplements that have really helped with my problems, so much so that I have been able to wean off several of my medications. She provided really helpful tips and links to websites and recipes to make diet changes easier (I’ve discovered my new favourite breakfast through one of these!). She followed up regularly with emails to check I was OK and whether I needed any support. I had begun to think that this is just what I had to endure so to feel so much better is fantastic. I have continued with all her dietary suggestions and really notice if I slip up. I would thoroughly recommend Filomena!!
B. T

I have been regularly seeing Filomena for the last couple of months since being diagnosed with a thyroid problem (hypothyroidism) and for help with boosting fertility and for general gut health.I decided to go down the nutritional route as I have always wanted to educate myself on what to eat and what not to eat.

Filomena was incredible, my first consultation lasted a few hours and went in to every depth possible- amazing! I then followed a plan made for me for six weeks to monitor how I felt- and as a result I am practically now dairy and gluten free- and caffeine free  and feel much much better! Not only did the diet improve my gut health, (much less bloated) i generally felt more balanced and much more energised!! No longer would I hit the 3pm slump at work and crave chocolate or be hungry when I get home before dinner!

I have now had my follow up appointment and still ask for her advice as and when needed- that’s the great thing about Filomena, she really is there to support.

I would really recommend Filomena to anyone who needs advice on what to eat no matter what the reason is- its life changing!

Hayley P

Filomena was professional, extremely thorough and put me at ease.She investigated my entire lifestyle and medical conditions not just my diet. The consultation was not rushed and I was provided with an in-depth written plan including a raft of suggestions to improve my diet and my way of life. As a result my recent blood tests have shown a marked improvement. Thank you Filomena.

Elena D

When I went to see Filomena for the first time, I had been suffering from a number of issues for almost 2 years. These were mainly digestive issues, but there was a range of other symptoms that seemed unrelated but made daily life quite difficult when all combined. It was also very stressful as I was unable to find help from the NHS professionals I had seen and felt a bit helpless.

Filomena was extremely patient in listening to all symptoms and actually looking at the problem as a whole rather than just issue by issue. She carried out extensive research and recommended tests to help make a diagnosis. She put together a diet plan that really helped reduce my symptoms, but she also recommended other adjustments and therapies (such as acupuncture). A few months later, I feel much better and have a much more normal daily life. I also have more energy and am much more aware of the types of food that make me feel good.

I would definitely recommend Filomena with no hesitation!

Nathalie N

Nathalie N

I would recommend Filomena as she has been really professional, friendly and has really helped me feel much better! She focused on the problems of my previous diet and helped me change them in an easy to follow way. She devised a tailored nutritional plan just for me, which included  suggestions and tips on how to deal with my stress and skin issues. I’m really happy I chose to see Filomena as she’s really helped me to change my life for the better.

Having suffered a number of symptoms, each one in themselves not major, but when they all flared-up regularly I couldn’t cope with day to day life. Each symptom had a different set of foods that were helpful yet would exacerbate the surrounding symptoms! To say I was confused about how to help myself was an understatement. Filomena patiently went through all the symptoms, did amazing research and came up with a plan that actually works for me. With her help, I can now eat a wide range of foods that are good at controlling my symptoms and in fact over the last 3 months I have seen a great improvement: I am more energised, sleep better and feel better! Filomena put together the pieces of the puzzle that were missing and the results are great! Thank-you x
Cheryl-lya S.B

My overall experience with Filomena was very comforting, and reassuring. On my first visit I was not in a good place at all, I had multiple issues with my digestive system, bowels, etc…

A lot was also connected to my mental state, i.e.. anxiety, and stress… Filomena reassured me that once I helped bring all that under control with meditation, the rest will surprisingly work more effectively along with the adjustment to my diet…

By my next visit I felt more positive, relaxed, and certainly cleansed… my lifestyle has changed, thanks to Filomena, I received guidance and support through the first few weeks.. and this helped immensely. Once again I would like to say a huge thank u as I really do t know how I would have managed on my own…

G Yianni