Consultations & Fees

Nutritional and Lifestyle Consultation

I offer both an initial consultation and a follow up appointment. The initial consultation will last around 90mins and will be carried out in person at one of my clinic locations or online via Zoom. Prior to your initial appointment I will send you a three day diet diary which you will need to bring with you to your initial appointment. Living Healthy Matters

During your initial consultation, I will take a detailed health assessment based on your medical history, your current health condition, food intake, lifestyle and health goals.

We will also discuss any medical conditions you may have, and also any supplements or medications you are currently taking.

Within 48 hours I will then send you a detailed personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan of all the recommendations. The plan will include a detailed summary of your dietary changes and may include recipe ideas and factsheets to help support you. It will also include lifestyle recommendations and, if relevant, supplementation suggestions to support any nutritional imbalances.

If appropriate, it may also include GP and/or Functional Testing recommendations in order to investigate your health concerns further.

Follow Up

Follow up appointments last 45 mins and are usually recommended six weeks later, during which your progress will be monitored and if needed, amendments will be made to your nutrition and lifestyle plan. These can be carried out via telephone, Zoom or in person.

Ongoing support is provided where needed and each plan is tailor-made to suit your individual needs, health and wellbeing goals.

I am fully committed to work with you, around your needs, to help you reach optimum health.

Payment should be made via bank transfer prior to your appointment.

Nutritional and lifestyle Consultations fees are £160


Cancellation Policy

The full cost of a consultation is charged for cancellations made with less than 24 hours’ notice. Please do contact me should you wish to cancel your appointment.


More Living Healthy Matters Packages

30 day Reset Package

Achieve your health goals with this popular package spread over 30 days. With this package I will offer full support and guidance throughout to ensure you are fully equipped to embrace your new diet and lifestyle plan. 


One 90 mins consultation

Weekly 20-30 mins check in sessions over Zoom

Continued support for 30 days

Recipes/food choice lists/ informative fact sheets emailed 

25% off supplements (optional) 

Cost: £300

Diet MOT

You may not have a specific health concern you would like support with but may just want some guidelines on how to eat healthier, if so then my ‘Diet MOT’ is for you. This involves keeping a food diary for 7 days, we will then have a 60 mins discussion on how to improve your diet. A summary of your new dietary recommendations will be then emailed to you with 48 hours.

Cost: £80

Savvy Supermarket Shopping

Do you buy the same foods on rotation? Do you need to inject some variety in your food shopping habits? Or are you just confused by all the food labels and packaging when choosing what food to buy? I offer the opportunity to take you to your local supermarket offering expert advice on how to shop healthier and smarter and within your budget. I will advise on healthier products, help you read labels to ensure you make more informed food choices. This also includes a recipe booklet and menu plan tailored to your needs.

Please note if you have a health condition that needs support you will need an initial consultation first.

Cost: £80 (1-2 hrs)